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About the Habitat Network

The Habitat Network formed in 2008 is co-ordinated by International Environmental Weed Foundation. The original partners in the establishment of Habitat Network were City of Ryde Council, Hunter's Hill Council, RNC Alliance, Field of Mars Environmental Education Centre, Ryde - Hunter's Hill Flora and Fauna Preservation Society and with initial funding from an Australian Federal Government grant (2007-2009). A subsequent grant was provided by the Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authority to help with resources.

We thank all partners and funding providers for their many contributions towards making this project a success.

The Habitat Network was created following Restoring Natural Capital Workshops.

The participants of these workshops identified that:
- we are losing our small native birds from our urban areas
- many in the community do not know our local native plants or how to use them in the garden, and
- many don't know the weed plants or how to control them.

Through education, garden visits, events, walks, talks and planting of native habitat we hope to conserve existing populations of small birds and extend their populations and habitat ranges.

Our Habitat Network logo was developed by Virginea Bear inspired by the drawings from a number of local primary schools who participated in our logo drawing competition.

For more information or to share your experiences and photos please email us at info@iewf.org


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