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Networks on the web

These links are to websites which provide information on urban habits and wildlife, and also allow you to have input or register an interest.

Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife - home page & Backyard Buddies. Register with Backyard Buddies to receive a free monthly newsletter which provides tips for creating habitat in your backyard.

Birds in Backyards provides a lot of information about birds. You can also register to exchange information and observations. Check out the small insect eating birds and birds of interest pages.

Habitat Advocate.

Know Your Gardens Natives is a website based in Sydney which will help you identify native plants in your garden and help you to use these to expand habitat.

Trees for Life - South Australia. Trees For Life Incorporated is a community of people working to revegetate South Australia and conserve its remnant vegetation.


Articles and research projects

Superb Fairy Wren Habitat in Glebe and Forest Lodge
City of Sydney - Superb Fairy Wren Habitat in Glebe and Forest Lodge - a community based conservation project.

Finding Animals amongst the Weeds: An Audit System for Animal-Weed Relationships - Susan Lawrie.
Downloads follow. Introduction to papers (9.05 KB)
Paper 1: "An audit system to account for birds and mammals utilising weed species" (496 KB)
Paper 2: as presented at the New Zealand Geographical Society Conference Series No. 21 (399 KB)

Honeysuckle Reserve, Jannali
In the Sutherland Council area one of the Bushcare volunteers has recorded a case study which may be of interest. The message from it is simple - don't clear the weeds until there is something there to replace it.
Download the full story: Honeysuckle Reserve, Jannali.(13.1 KB)

Yuppie bandicoots of inner western Sydney in hiding or urban renewal?
Authors: Tanya Leary, Alan Kwok, Ben Khan and Paul Ibbetson
Pages 415 - 425 extract from "The Natural History of Sydney",
edited by Daniel Lunney, Pat Hutchings and Dieter Hochuli.
Royal Zoological Society of NSW, Mosman, NSW, Australia. 2010.

Long-nosed bandicoots Perameles nasuta were thought to have disappeared from inner western Sydney by the mid to late 1960s. This paper documents recent (2002 to present) records of long-nosed bandicoots in the urban areas of inner western Sydney, including Marrickville, Ashfield, Canada Bay, Canterbury, and Leichhardt. A pilot radio-tracking study of two adult females found that they foraged almost exclusively in urban backyards and nested by day under old buildings. This paper also explores their origins and behaviour. Download and read about Yuppie bandicoots of inner western Sydney (3.21 MB).


Fauna information

Ants Downunder.

Atlas of Living Australia.

Aussie Bee and the Australian Native Bee Research Centre.

Bathurst Regional Council - Backyards for Wildlife booklet.

Bat Rescue and information on building bat boxes.

Birdlife Australia - find a bird.

Bugwise a project developed as a partnership between the Australian Museum and Conservation Volunteers Australia.

Cicada Mania - heaps of information about Cicadas.

Fauna Corner - AABR.

fauNature a project through the Museum of South Australia to bring people and wildlife together.

Flora for fauna a website by the Nursery & Garden Industry helping you make a garden for wildlife.

Frogs of Sydney - FATS.

Green Web Sydney.

Images of Life on Earth - www.arkive.org

Insects - Australian Insects website.

Insects - Brisbane Insects website.

Insects - a guide to collecting and identification.

Sydney Bats website - Ku-ring-gai Bat Conservation Society Inc.

RTA fauna land bridges - Australia - www.fnpw.org.au - see Spring 2010 edition of Foundation for National Parks PAWS newsletter - Page 5.

South Australia - Backyards4Wildlife.

Sydney wildlife - Sydney Metropolitan Wildlife Services website.

Wildlife of Sydney - Australian Museum.

Urban habitat creation, preservation, and protection written - Kieren O'Neill

Wildlife friendly fencing and short article from the Australian Association of Bush Regenerators newsletter July 2011


Other useful information as requested by our webpage readers

The eco-friendly guide to recycling electronic waste - UK.

Flower Care Tips


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