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Christine Ng


Christine Ng is currently completing her final year of Bachelor of Architectural Studies at UNSW. Her studies in Architecture have introduced her to similar fields of a larger scale with greater consideration to natural and urban environments such as Urban Design and Landscape Architecture. Her developing interests in the relationship between the natural and built, issues of urbanisation and ecological sustainability have sparked a desire to pursue a more environmentally considerate career. She intends to continue studying in 2014 with a Master of Landscape Architecture in Melbourne.

She recently joined the Habitat Network through her involvement with the planning and drawings plans for "The Habitat" Ryde community nursery and food garden and enjoys learning more about the natural environment along the way. She is also a recent member of Permaculture North.

Christine is as passionate about teaching as she is learning. She has taught children previously in Indonesia and briefly India, is currently a Student Ambassador for the Faculty of the Built Environment UNSW, a private English and Maths tutor and a volunteer ambassador with ASPIRE UNSW, an Australian education equity initiative.

Other interests include design and making things, photojournalism and sketching.

You can contact Christine via the Habitat Network by emailing info@iewf.org


Nursery under construction - new soil bay and water tank takes its position.

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